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As the owner of a tile floor, you know it can be difficult to keep out dirt and other messes day after day. Tile is durable and waterproof, making it one of the most popular flooring options for bathrooms and kitchen in America. After grouting, it repels water and makes cleaning a breeze.

However, after years of use, cleaning your tile can be challenging. You may not even have the right tools for the job.

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Put your trust in a company that specializes in tile and grout cleaning in Phoenix, AZ. Turn to The Grout Doctor for all kinds of tile cleaning services, including regrouting and sealing. Since 1992, our team has dedicated its time to restoring and renewing the natural beauty of tile flooring and countertops. Our specialists provide the highest quality care and products to deliver results that exceed your expectations, every time.

Be sure to check out our special offers before you schedule service at your home. You could save on essential tile and grout stain removal and restoration services with one of our exclusive deals.

We work hard to help you and your family save on the cleaning services you need.

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After years of wear and tear, your tile floors may not look like the floors you installed long ago. That damage didn't happen to your flooring overnight - that's why removing it isn’t as simple as going over it with a wet cloth. If you miss the beauty of your tile floors, take advantage of powerful tile and tile cleaning services that only a seasoned professional can offer, which include all of the following:

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Why Choose Grout Cleaning Services?

Because most tile grouting is white or at least light in color, it's more susceptible to discoloration. After years of use, your grout can start to yellow and harbor unsightly pockets of dirt, dust, and even mildew. Skip the hassle of scrubbing these ugly stains from your grout - instead, request grout cleaning services as soon as you notice your grout starting to decline.

Many homeowners are familiar with the frustration of scrubbing discolored grout, only to find their efforts made no difference. Grout is stubborn - our team understands, and that's why we use powerful, yet family-safe cleaning materials guaranteed to remove even the most obstinate stains. Schedule an appointment for grout stain removal at your home, and soon, you'll be back to enjoying clean, white grouting.

Many families are concerned about the impact of chemical-filled cleaners on their homes, as well as the environment. Too many cleaning companies use formulas that compromise indoor air quality, as well as put your loved ones at risk for illness due to contamination. It's well worth your time to invest in a grout cleaning company that cares about the effects of cleaning formulas on your household.

In order to protect your family, our team utilizes an exclusive line of tile and grout cleaning products developed for everyday use. Our products are safe and gentle for all types of ceramic, porcelain, and quarry tile; each is field tested and refined to meet our clients' high cleaning standards. These cleaners extract the deepest stains and soil, while our VOC-free stone sealer penetrates deeply for long-lasting protection.

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Ask About Tile Grout Restoration

Though our grout cleaning service packs a powerful punch, there are times when a particularly stubborn stain resists even our team's efforts. When this happens, our specialists recommend tile grout restoration to homeowners concerned about their flooring's aesthetic appeal. If your floor's grout has grown discolored all over, requesting restoration services can help to restore its beauty in one fell swoop.

Talk to our specialists to learn whether grout restoration is the right choice for your home. If your grout is only stained and discolored in one area, we'll try to remove the stain with one of our environmentally friendly cleaners. If we still can't remove the stain, we'll start discussing your restoration options. No matter what you decide, our team strives to make your tile flooring look as good as new.

Contact our tile and grout professionals to learn about our tile and grout cleaning services, or to request a free quote. We restore the natural beauty and shine of tile in homes in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Carefree, Cave Creek, and Anthem, Arizona.


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