Take a look at the stone surfaces in your home. Do you find that they lack the old sparkle they once had? Turn back the clock on lackluster countertops, walls, and flooring with help from our professionals. Our cleaners restore the stone surfaces around your home to pristine condition, leaving your home with an irresistible shine. Revitalize your space with just a single natural stone cleaning session.

Natural stone installations can offer beauty and elegance to any interior atmosphere. Unfortunately, the eye-catching sheen of newly laid marble, travertine and other flooring options begins to look worn and dirty due to daily wear and tear. Our stone care specialists offer a full range of tile and grout services to restore your tile’s original appearance. Whether you require stone floor polishing services, or sealing your natural stone floors, our goals of providing remarkable results and dramatically enhancing the appearance of your living space remain the same.

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Offering Natural Stone Maintenance

No matter how big or small your refurbishing project may be, our experts are equipped with the skills and tool to handle all of your natural stone maintenance needs. Our full-service professionals offer cleaning, polishing, and sealing services for a wide variety of popular countertop and flooring materials such as:

  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Flagstone
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Slate

NAtural Stone Cleaning & Polishing in Scottsdale, AZ

When you invite us into your home, we thoroughly inspect your floor and develop a customized natural stone cleaning treatment based on the needs of your stone surfaces and accompanying grout. We use specialized cleaning systems to remove surface scratches and extract dirt and grime from your floor and grout lines. Afterwards, we apply a premium polish and diamond refinish to restore your tile's original appearance and luster.

Stone restoration is art much like painting a picture. To that end, each picture painted is a unique piece of work, just as each flooring restoration project is unique to the home it’s taking place in. Are you tired of looking at scratches and blemishes in the stone surfaces around your home? Our flooring specialists are prepared to show you how to polish your natural stone tiles to increase the visual appeal of any room in your home. After a comprehensive inspection of the worn surface, we provide you with a customized stone floor polishing service based on the condition and needs of your surface and grout.

Prevent Marks and Stains by Sealing Your Natural Stone Floors

Unsightly etches in your polished limestone or slate flooring can serve as constant reminders of the inadequacies of cleaning with water and baking soda. If your floor isn’t protected up to the grout line with a natural stone seal, it may be heavily stained and have discolored tile or grout due to regular foot traffic. By cleaning and sealing your natural stone floors, you can restore the appearance of your flooring to the day it was first installed.

Through the use of specialized tools and equipment our natural stone maintenance technicians carefully remove light scratches, dirt, and grime from your stone surfaces. Our extensive process not only removes surfaces stains and contaminants, but it also rids your countertop, walls, or flooring of under-the-surface dirt as well. We apply a premium polish and diamond refinishing to revamp the look of your interior and help to increase your property value.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Natural Stone Floors?

Natural stone often a sense of elegance and sophistication to nearly any home setting, but like anything else, they require maintenance to keep them in good condition. So what is the best way to clean stone floors? You might think cleaning natural stone tiling requires a whole host of industrial equipment. However, most homeowners are surprised to learn how easy it is to clean various stone surfaces around their home.

In most cases, cleaning stone installations such as granite and marble only require a soap and water. Simply use a clean, damp cloth and a small amount of warm, soapy water to loosen heavy residue and surface debris. To practice responsible stone care, our specialists recommend avoid ammonia, bleach or any heavy-duty cleaning products that contain solvents or caustics. Using these products on your stone flooring will work to remove the sealant.

Sealing Treatments Increase the Longevity of your Surfaces

If your wall or countertop isn't sealed, it may be subject to staining and deterioration from traditional wear and tear. Our cleaning process loosens and removes visible and hidden stains and dirt. When you request our comprehensive natural stone cleaning services, we provide your tile and grout with extra protection and enhanced color that will last for years. From kitchens to bathrooms, our well-rounded professionals are equipped to restore any area of your living space.

Contact our tile and grout professionals to schedule an in home consultation. We proudly serve homeowners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Carefree, and Cave Creek, Arizona, plus the surrounding areas.