Over time, your kitchen tile may chip or crack due to normal wear and tear. Perhaps your grout is noticeably stained, dingy, and generally unappealing. We offer professional tile repair and grout replacement to add value and appeal to your kitchen, bathroom, and more. No matter what kind of condition your tile is in, our experienced technicians make it look like it’s brand new again.

Going the Extra Mile to Fix Broken Tile

Our specialists are fully trained and prepared to fix broken tile of every variety, such as ceramic, porcelain, quarry, and natural stone. We provide exceptional care and unique treatments that are safe for all types of floor surfaces. Flooring is a significant investment and an aesthetic part of your interior style, which is why we provide high-quality, customizable services for restoring its natural beauty. If you have loose, cracked, or chipped tile, we'll replace it seamlessly using techniques that ensure its longevity. Our team works within your budget to expertly match your existing tile, but we never compromise quality or cut corners to save time.

Setting the Standard for Kitchen & Shower Tile Restoration

Are you sick of staring at unappealing shower tile every morning? Is your kitchen floor overdue for an overhaul? You probably see these rooms more than any other in your house, so they should look and function the way you want them to. We’re happy to take care of every problem area efficiently and effectively. Say goodbye to chipped tile and hello to a more attractive home.


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Effective Grout Replacement Solutions

Grout is what holds your tile together and gives it a finished look that adds appeal. Sometimes, it is necessary to restore the grout in order to keep your tile in its best condition. There are several signs that indicate when it’s time for grout replacement in Scottsdale. The main culprit is discoloration or staining due to mold, dirt, soap scum, or mildew. These can cause your grout to break down and hurt the integrity of your tiling. If your grout is stained, we'll remove the stains by stripping away the top layer.

Newly exposed natural color will show for a like-new look. As extra protection, we'll apply a sealer. For severely stained areas, we can fully remove stained grout and reinstall it. Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured to provide you with detailed labor and specialized techniques for grout and tile repair. As experts, we offer solutions that are manufacturer-recommended for your particular type of tile flooring. Our methods are designed to increase the lifespan of tile and grout and prevent further damage.

A clean, well-maintained home is a great way to make an impression on visitors. One area that you may not have focused on before is your flooring. Thankfully, properly installed tile is a breeze to clean. We understand that you want a floor that is both attractive and practical, which is why we take extra care with your tile repair and restoration. Tile is usually present in areas with higher amounts of water, which means the chance of spills and slips is higher, too. Having a professional grout cleaning crew work on your floors keeps them at their best and also helps with safety. By the time we’re done with it, you will be completely satisfied with it, and it will amaze everyone who walks through the door.

A Tile and Grout Team That Cares About Your Unique Requirements

Every home and client is different. When choosing a business to service your space, you want to feel confident your needs are going to be considered and respected. With us, you can rest assured there is nothing to worry about. We understand that not every kitchen or shower tile is alike, so we consult with you and take the time to thoroughly assess your needs. Our technicians are personable, presentable, and leave your house in better condition than it was when they arrived. Most importantly, they know what they’re doing.

We have more than 20 years of industry experience with unparalleled success. The reason more customers choose us is because we have what it takes to fix broken tile faster and more affordably than our competition. Customer satisfaction is our main focus. Our job isn’t complete until you’re completely content. An unsightly chipped tile likely catches your eye several times a day. We want you to be wowed by the appearance of your tile and never have to give it a second look again.

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